4 05 2009

From Jen Shier:

Here’s my comment:

I love the affective ads that make me laugh. This theme of getting people spit out their gum and chew another piece is ripe for humor. The goat just kills me, and the van is a nice addition too. It reminds me a little of the van in the movie Old School, so I guess that’s resonance. Hope you enjoy it too, but don’t chew the gum. It’s toxic.




2 responses

7 05 2009
Nathan Ichtertz

This commercial is both funny and memorable because, really, how many times do you see goats ramming into people, targeting their genitals? Dylan raises a good point though, that advertisers seem to stay away from using similar bodily harm on women. This type of thing could be make for a good discussion in class because it’s really interesting.

4 05 2009
Dylan Sylwester

A humorous device I’ve noticed used in many affective commercials – the hit to the male genital region. Though I find humor in seeing other men doubled-over in crotch-induced pain, why do advertisers stay away from similar bodily harm to women? Why is a ram headbutting a woman in the chest not funny?

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