30 04 2009

From Stella Chan

This is a short 1 minute commercial for Xbox 360. What’s interesting is that the beginning of the commercial would actually make the audience wonder “What is this?” and would want to pay attention to see what is actually going on in the commercial. It is very creative. However, I have another perspective on this commercial, which is if the audience does not really know what the commercial is for since the very beginning, would they want to continue? Is this commercial doable? Is this even an awareness ad since some people might not even finish watching the commercial? No matter what, this is a very interesting commercial to watch, but it’s also an example for me to think about HOW to make it more obvious to the audience that this is a Xbox commercial.




3 responses

5 05 2009
Bonnie Shelton

Sure, everyone knows what an xbox is, but not everyone is interested in buying it. This ad clearly targets consumer interest and then hits them with the brand later. Throughout the spot, I was wondering what the ad would be for and it sparked my interest. I think that this ad is affective in that it creates that “huh?” with viewers, thus pushing us to find out more. The fact that it’s clever and a unique concept definitely made me have positive feelings toward the gaming system, and I don’t really care for video games.

3 05 2009
Akiko Onishi

I really enjoyed watching this ad. The ad completely caught my attention from start to finish. I couldn’t expect that he goes to the grave at last, so it was not just humorous but a kind of astonishing ad for me. Though the ad, they gave me a strong impression and a message “Life is short, so you should play more” although they didn’t mention anything to me about Xbox. From this point, I learned functionality of transformational commercial.

3 05 2009
Taichi Yoshino

I think this is a fantastic ad. The concept itself has an impact and it ends with a strong punch line. You seem to have a concern about would people want to continue watching the ad, but I think there is no problem. People usually gets bored when there is no change with the plot for the long time. However, this high-speed action ad shows a rapid change throughout the entire movie and keeps on dragging people’s attention. Therefore, I believe this ad works very well as an awareness ad, though only if it was not banned.

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