30 04 2009

From Rachel Cohn

I chose this WNBA commercial because it takes a unique approach to promoting the league. Instead of talking about how great the players are, the ad confronts the many misconceptions about the league head on. In this ad, Tamika Catchings, a WNBA player is saying some of the negative things that people say about the league. At the end the ad says “She wouldn’t say that. Would you?” When this ad along with two others like it first came out, there was a lot of negative backlash for the ads. Many people didn’t think that reverse psychology was working and thought that people were just agreeing with what the players said in the ads. Many argued that by the WNBA airing these ads, they just brought to light the weaknesses of the league. The WNBA quickly made new ads with the same Expect Great theme, but instead of putting the league down, the players talked about the positive qualities that they possess. I think that while many people were opposed to the original ads, they got people talking about the WNBA which is important step towards the league’s growth.




One response

4 05 2009
Dylan Sylwester

This commercial is a giant guilt trip. I feel like the ad is targeted at male NBA viewers who don’t take women’s basketball seriously. The wrong way to gain respect, in my eyes, is to make viewers feel charitable in order to tune in.

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