Heineken Spin Off

30 04 2009

From Ryan Dols

Evidence that the only recently played Heineken commercial made an impression. The NBA and Cavaliers did an excellent job with this advertisement, not only with its execution but timing. This commercial does a good job of taking a great advertisement, replacing its elements and re-creating it to make another great advertisement all within a short time. I’m curious to see if this concept will ever make it to television (it hasn’t so far to my knowledge). While it lacks a certain impact because it is a recreation and therefore lacks the initial creativity it still makes us laugh and think of Heineken’s initial ad. Heineken is surely pleased that its commercial is being reacted to so widely already.




One response

3 05 2009
Sam Smith

I really enjoy this ad especially since it is a spin off of the Heineken ad, which is my favorite ad out right now. The ad is very affective since it creates involvement through ambiguity and humor, while using a very popular NBA basketball team. I do not see this ad making it on TV, due to its length and quality, but it will be a very popular viral video which can be just as if not more affective than a TV ad.

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