30 04 2009

From Lee Anne Denyer

Disneyland commercials have been a favorite of mine for many years. Their commercials seem to have a way of grabbing the attention of audiences from a wide variety of ages, and taking them back to their first and/or favorite experiences with the Disney Corporation. I particularly like this commercial because it addresses the excitement both children and adults feel before a trip to “The Happiest Place on Earth”, and it takes me back to the night before my first trip to Disneyland. This advertisement is also very funny. Watching the little boy rolling around on his bed full of excitement has the potential to invoke several different emotions in the reader, which are dependent on the viewers experience with Disneyland. I think that is what makes this commercial so successful. If the viewer has never been to Disneyland he or she may want to feel that excitement the children on the screen are feeling. If the viewer is a parent, he or she may want to feel the excitement of the parents before they are able to give such an opportunity he or she cherished so much to their children. I would say this commercial falls the in desire level on the DAGMAR pyramid because a large majority of the population is already aware Disneyland exists and understand the basic facts of what the amusement park encompasses.




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