30 04 2009

From Alexander Diaz
I have chosen this ad because it relates to a topic already discussed in class. This is a funny but effective ad that shows positioning based on functional needs. Columbia Sports Wear tries to prove that it can provide solutions to customers’ current needs. “ Tested tough” message at the end of the ad implies that consumers’ functional needs are fulfilled by high-quality products and that Columbia Sports jackets are not only waterproof but also offer additional protection under extreme climate conditions.





2 responses

4 05 2009
Chris Turney

In my opinion, using the actual CEO and President contribute to the success of this ad. In one sense, it connects the customers with the upper management of the company — and sheds light on the type of office atmosphere, which can help develop brand image and create loyalty. Also, Scott makes the point that the ad could be counter productive because many viewers won’t picture themselves on top of a mountain. I disagree — mainly because their target market is outdoor people who will be at the top of a mountain. In my opinion, the office setting combined with humor actually expands the target market to the everyday person. The message can be interpreted as “who knows? You might end up on top of a mountain.”

4 05 2009
Scott Zoltan

I think that while this ad is pretty comical, it doesn’t result in genuine conviction. It doesn’t reveal the commercial’s “point” until the very end and the viewer is left wondering what the product is until the final end…the “payoff”. I feel that that the end could work counterproductively to sales in that viewers might think “okay I will never be at the top of a mountain in the snow, so I don’t need a Columbia jacket”.

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