30 04 2009

From Christina Dunning

Although some may not take this ad seriously due to its content: sagging jeans, bling bling, and Mickey Avalon; this ad is produced well. Boost Mobile’s target audience is (for the most part, and depicted in this ad) a young crowd easily impressed by the “cool factor.” Young Jeezy, Jermaine Dupri, and Mickey Avalon are popular. Fast cars, helicopters, and private jets are luxurious. This ad therefore uses a Desire or Interest approach; if popular, luxurious people use Boost Mobile, then wanna-be popular, luxurious people will use Boost Mobile too. The ad also deserves credit for its superb motion graphics. The on-screen text matches what the rappers say, and the graphics correspond well. The ad shows that the editors and creative team had great understanding of design programs (probably After Effect and Mya). The intricate design opens the product to another market – myself for example. I really don’t care for any of the rappers in this commercial, or what they have to say; but, I appreciate the quality and time that went into making this ad and pass it on simply for that. I have passed this ad on to friends and have blogged about it more than once now…something is clearly working for Boost Mobile’s marketing!




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