Advertising during a recession

30 04 2009

From Kelsey Abbott

Comments: I found this commercial to be very comical. They took the opportunity to relate Trojan condoms and connect it to our economy during this hard time. The commercial first begins as very patriotic, making the viewer think it is some political campaign, but really is a commercial for Trojan condoms. They way they phrased this commercial and relating it to our economy is very clever and advertised it in a very comical way. They are promoting to use a condom every time, but also advertise it in a way that promotes awareness, but also interest.




2 responses

4 05 2009
Scott Rousseau

The first time that I saw this commercial I was not aware of what it was for until the end. It comes off as a political or financial commercial and does bring a large sense of patriotism to it which I personally enjoyed. The end result being Trojan condoms gives a comical appeal to the commercial which I was not expecting and I don’t think anyone else was either. Promoting safe sex and selling condoms is not an easy task, but I feel that Trojan has always had good campaigns and they have branded their selves as the #1 condom brand name. By having a patriotic commercial they now associate themselves even stronger with America.

3 05 2009
Chaz Faulhaber

This ad killed me the first time I saw it. The usage of the resonance strategy to evoke a positive, patriotic association with their product is genius, in my opinion. At a point when people are spending their money on necessities, it’s a brave strategy to strike out and try and convince people to spend money through patriotic appeal. This strategy is not overly patriotic however, as it utilizes humor to help reinforce the real product being sold, condoms. I imagine selling condoms is hard enough, so humor is most likely their best strategy.

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