30 04 2009

From Lex Chase

I choose this ad because i was intrigued by American Apparel’s provocative print ad’s, so i searched to see if they had video. This video is just one in a series of 5 ad’s where the actors are very seductive with themselves in front of the camera. I felt like the ad really represented the companies large target towards the gay community because all the elements (music, editing, the actor’s body language and physical features) had a feminine touch to them. All the other commercials featuring men in this campaign showed the same characteristics. I thought i was very interesting how the ad didn’t just play on the images of this man but the music also added to the over sexed message displayed making it seem even more like soft-core porn. Within this and all their other ad’s, AA goes for this ideal that you wear their clothes and you’ll be sexy but when in fact much of what they do could be seen as victimizing and a bit pornographic, two things not usually deemed as good qualities. This featured aspect within this and many of their other ad’s is probably what makes them so popular among the younger populations though.




2 responses

3 05 2009
Kohei Shibuya

It is interesting ad and I like it because I’ve never seen any men’s “sexy” ad.
It has a big impact so it affect awareness of people who do not know American Apparel.
It represents AA which sells many unisex items. The black and white movie also represents the color variation of AA.
It is also good positioning ad for gay or fashionable men.

3 05 2009
Jennifer Shier

Ok, where is that guy on the gender spectrum? Not that I care personally, but what are they after? Is it gay people or cross gender, or is it young people intrigued with sexuality of any kind? Personally, I loved Billy Squire (the music) at age 11 so maybe they’re targeting my age group too. It is very sexy music. AA seems to be pushing the envelope with sexual almost-porn content. The print ads I’ve seen in the Eugene Weekly could be taken as somewhat demeaning to women as well. I know when the Weekly printed them, they got a lot of flack. I can’t say I like their ads, but they get attention. They get people talking, so I guess that works for AA.

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