A Commercial that creeps Prof. Sheehan out

30 04 2009

From Veronica Day

Before the Chips Ahoy! commercials were ever mentioned in class, I had this commercial in mind to post on the blog. I think these commercials are hilarious and this is one of my favorites. I think it’s amusing how the cookies are anthropomorphized and the use of music and humor in the commercials. Looking at the AIDA pyramid, I think this commercial creates Interest for the consumer because, well, it’s 4 singing chocolate chip cookies riding in a car. Also, it’s a transformational commercial based on the affective method of a creative strategy approach. The commercial is creating involvement through humor. All around I think this commercial is entertaining and enjoyable to watch.




2 responses

4 05 2009
Emily Schmerber

The ad is definitely creative. But I would have to agree that i am disturbed by the cookies. The chocolate chips resemble a terrible case of acne on the cookies little animated faces and raging cases of are the last things to get my mouth watering. I believe that the ad was likely to get the attention of most young audiences, but i’m sure that the older audiences are less likely to attach to the live cookies. None the less, the ad stood out and i noticed it right away. the uses of music and bright colors were very affective.

4 05 2009
Eryn Tehan

While this commercial is humorous, I did find it a little disturbing. Personally, I’d feel pretty bad about eating a talking cookie. But, its still a pretty funny ad. Though one would assume these ads are geared toward a younger crowd, they feature adult humor, so the target audience is hard to pin down. If I was to take a guess, I’d say college or high-school kids. I don’t think many older adults would identify with this commercial in a humorous way. I agree that the ad is affective, however, it lacks a position vital to every campaign. It is fun to watch though. Unfortunately, this commercial makes me avoid Chips Ahoy, whenever I see a bag I think of the singing cookies and their lives that are cut short…but, I have to give the ad some credit, singing cookies is a rather brave stunt and pretty creative. Though I don’t like the ad on a strategic level, I do enjoy watching them.

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