Yellow Book

29 04 2009

From Sylvie Atkins

Yellow Book ad

Response: has released a series of television commercials titled, “The Breakup” – where the first 8 seconds of the commercial shows a woman getting dumped over a video message from her now ex-boyfriend, who claims he “needs to be alone.” Unbeknown to him, the video message shows his mistress in the background of the shot, in her undergarments and his oversized shirt. Following this introduction, there are three commercials that each start out the same, but have different endings where the woman who was just dumped uses the Yellowbook to prove that “All is Fair in Love and War.” The three alternative endings that have been released show that a broken heart can be healed with “Healthy Heart” – “Vindication” and “Satisfaction” – where the woman finds happiness in yoga, selling her exes material goods, and buying a dress that turns heads.

I chose this ad because these series of commercials make a powerful statement for women that happiness after a breakup is possible, with the help of their product of course, Yellowbook. I like the commercials use of music, that accentuates a flat note when the man is caught in his lie – but then the music picks back up to a fun and hip beat when the woman chooses to take action and do something about his deceitful behavior. What I like most about these series of commercials is that Yellobook is creating a new brand for itself by welcoming user-generated content. Their Web site encourages users to submit their own “happy endings” of ideas where they can make their own stories of how they would use Yellowbook to heal a broken heart. Yellowbook allows users to vote on the endings, and selects the best ideas for all viewers to read. This campaign shows strong promise for its future, and with the help of its followers, it will continue to surprise followers with its creative and unique concept.




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