29 04 2009

From Theo Hunter

I absolutely love this 30 second commercial by Audi for the new Q5. It uses identity theft which is a common scare right now and plays off of it in a way such that the consumer should not only worry about his identity being stolen for financial purposes but also for personal individualism. This strategy by Audi is to cater to the Audi consumer who has a family and busy lifestyle. The school setting helps to target the driver/customer who has a family and needs an SUV for his daily schedule. I also thought the music was a perfect match for the mood of this ad and is similar to the other ad for the Q5 campaign. Many of the other Audi commercials for cars such as the A4 and A6 are very different and show off the cars speed and agility such as in commercials for the movie The Transporter and Transporter II. In this ad, the emphasis is put on the cars “unmistakable ” unique style and individuality. The main message this ad portrays is “be original, be an individual, and be noticed with Audi.” Every time I see this ad it makes me think of who I am as a person and what makes me different. I thought Audi did an excellent job with the execution of this Ad.




2 responses

4 05 2009
Timothy Tousley-Ritt

I don’t even think that Audi is trying to say that compared to them all cars are the same, but that regardless of their involvement, all cars are still the same, but that theirs don’t follow the same formula as so many that you see today. In a society that holds individuality in such high regard positioning yourself as one who goes against the grain and makes a unique and uncommon product makes a world of difference.

29 04 2009
Holly Schnackenberg

I really liked this commercial. When I was in middle school, half the moms of my schoolmates had the same green Dodge Caravan (including my mom). I can remember opening the door to the wrong car or wrong people opening the door to our car. This ad shows that compared to the Audi, all cars are the same. It shows that Audis are different in a good way– they’re on a level above all others.

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