28 04 2009

From Leighton Cosseboom

This advertisement is interesting because it is difficult to see what sort of strategy is being used to sell the Suzuki mo-ped. Obviously it is being endorsed by Michael Jackson, but it does not do a very good job at relaying the message that one can become like Michael Jackson by buying the mo-ped, it just has him dancing to one of his songs behind a women who is sitting on it. When Michael says “love is my message” the viewer becomes even more confused because the audience is forced to ask themselves “What does Michael Jackson advocating love have to do with Suzuki mo-peds?” When watching this commercial one must remember that it is very old and perhaps that is the reason why it is so strange and random with its advertising technique and strategy.




2 responses

3 05 2009
Leah Nibley

I had to watch this commercial several times before I was able to understand what Suzuku had in mind when they produced this commercial. While I am assuming that the commercial is relatively new, I came to the conclusion that Michael Jackson must be a popular and iconic figure in the Asian world. If my understanding of the commercial is completely skewed, I guess I am not sure what the company had in mind when they produced this ad.

29 04 2009
eric landon

I think that it may seem strange because its appears to be for an asian market. Probably michael jackson was extremely popular in the market that this aired, and having him endorse it with his signature dance moves and music would be effective.

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