Bud Light

28 04 2009

From Katelyn Berry

This link is for the Bud light Swear Jar. I think the commercial is hilarious, because usually swear jars are put out to make people curb the bad language, but in this case where the money will go to buy something that everyone can enjoy every one curses more. Every time i see this ad i crack up because the employees won’t even acknowledge another if there is not a curse word in the sentence, and at the end when the boss is give a speech the employees still curse at him as they are all enjoying their bud lights. This ad is humorous and actually made me and my friends look up to see if there was actually a bud light swear jar for sale. We found one and purchased it, so the commercial was successful in getting us to purchase bud products.




2 responses

4 05 2009
Katelyn Berry

I have not seen this ad on television yet. If you has a PS3 there is a channel that allows you to watch un-aired, un edited television commercials, or internet commercials. I looked it up on you tube and found the edited version. I thought it was a little more appropriate for a class blog.

And the copy machine part is my favorite too.

– Katelyn

28 04 2009
Sydney Ryden

This commercial is definitely hilarious and intended for adult audiences. It is an ingenious idea of showing how bud light can bring the office together as one cohesive unit striving towards a goal, and in this case beer is the ultimate goal. My favorite part of the commercial is when the woman is standing at the copy machine, she says “oh poop” and a man quickly rolls out in a chair and says “that doesn’t’ count”. She responds with a !@#$ YOU! I had not seen this commercial yet, thank you for finding it. But I do have one question what channel is running this advertisement?

-Sydney Ryden

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