28 04 2009

From Leighton Cosseboom

I think this commercial uses strategy well because it appeals to both travelers general, who are usually middle-aged businessmen, while simultaneously appealing to the young and hip target audience. This advertising strategy makes the American Express credit card look like it will give all aspiring snowboarders the ability to travel the world and be as talented as Shaun White. The basic strategy of the ad kills two birds with one stone. It caters to the people who travel for their purpose of their careers while also portraying American Express as the choice of young people who are talents, cool and famous. I used a similar strategy for the Doritos strategy/creative brief exercise in my idea book.




One response

4 05 2009
Patrick Sullivan

I have also thoroughly enjoyed this ad and from someone who has somewhat followed Shaun White’s career it’s cool to see how he might travel as the superstar he is. However, I slightly disagree with Leighton in the sense that this ad seems more targeted towards a younger generation only. I say this because one has to consider the fact that this commercial is part of a much bigger campaign, full of other ads that target other audience groups. Many credit card companies fail to tap into the young buyer’s market and using Shaun White in a frivolous, but it’s ok because he’s rich, spending extravaganza, they are hooking the older teen and young adult generation. This is a key market because, much like Shaun White, these individuals are frivolous spenders and will subsequently make AmEx millions of dollars.

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