Tiger. But not that Tiger.

27 04 2009

From Stephanie Rund

I really liked this advertisement when I saw it, because the personality of the characters, it caught my attention. I think that Gatorade used ambiguity when they created this advertisement because you do not really know what it is for until the end of the commercial, you do not know it is a Gatorade commercial, let alone “Gatorade Tiger” I think that Gatorade is targeting kids, especially kids who play sports, and the parents of these children. Their message is saying that Gatorade helps you concentrate in times that you need to perform, and when you do well, people celebrate it, “Hydration For Concentration.” It is also marketed towards health conscious people because it is low calorie, which is one of their main points. I think Gatorade is also using “stories of transformation” for their story line because Tiger has issues where he basically fails, but then comes back after he drinks the Gatorade and can focus on his golf swing. Tiger also had a guide that helped him through his quest.




One response

27 04 2009
Evan Schultz

I’m quite surprised at the apparent demographic shift that this ad represents. I generally think of Gatorade as a product that is targeted at Adolescents and twenty-somethings who are old enough to be involved in highly competitive leagues. Yet this ad is clearly a feel-good cartoon designed for kids. Has Gatorade done recent market research that has shown that young kids are drinking more of their product? If so, does that mean that Gatorade is simply becoming another sugary drink and not a something to enhance the performance of driven individuals? Kids who have Gatorade in their lunches can hardly be thinking about restoring lost electrolytes.

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