27 04 2009

From Kelsey Brassil

I thought this was an interesting Nike ad because it’s not necessarily for Nike products, but for the Men vs Women challenge on This is more of an advertisement to encourage exercise (running) by making it a challenge between men and women all over the world. However, by having people go to to register to “join the challenge”, they are exposed to Nike products and encouraged to buy them. In order to join the challenge and log your running, you have to have a particular Nike shoe and a Sport band or plug in for an iPod Nano. These are the only ways that Nike plus can track your workouts. So in actuality, by promoting this Nike challenge, it is actually promoting runners to purchase Nike products, since you cannot participate in the challenge without having these specific Nike products. I thought this was a creative way for Nike to promote their products slyly.




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11 05 2009
Rachel Cohn

I really enjoyed this commercial. It shows running and working out as something that is fun and competitive rather than something that should be dreaded. This idea of fun in a workout will motivate people to get out there and run and when they do, they will possibly join the Nike challenge or buy Nike products.

3 05 2009
Jennifer Shier

There is something very archetypal about this men vs. women concept, or maybe a better word is innate. Everyone has a little of that girls against boys competitive mentality, and Nike taps into it phenomenally. I thought the throwing of the shoes off the balcony was both poignant and funny. I notice that no one really wins in this commercial either. It’s about playing the game. Like “just do it,” the goal is the process itself, which is a really positive message. Nice job Nike!

3 05 2009
Taylor Smith

I think this is one of the most effective and dynamic commercials on the website. It was engaging, informative, sexy and easy to understand, not to mention it held my attention despite the fact that I have no interest in running or Nike running shoes. This piece was able to mesh a variety of ideas into one flowing commercial. They used competition between men and women, celebrity, humor, fitness and sex appeal to sell shoes and create awareness to on-line applications. Nice pick!

1 05 2009
Jessica Alger

I really like this ad! I have the Nike+ gear for running and after watching this ad, which I had never seen before, I wanted to join the challenge right away. That’s effective advertising when it can make someone turn around and do what the ad is promoting. Also I think it’s a great way to promote getting in shape and staying healthy, everyone loves to compete at something so it’s a perfect way to motivate being active.

28 04 2009
Allie Reynolds

I agree that this ad is a great way to promote their products through people visiting their website. Most athletes love the thrill of competition and this is a fun and very competitive way for people to track workouts. It also encourages new runners or new customers to Nike products to get involved in the brand and purchase products.

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