Mr. W.

27 04 2009

From Kevin Beudry

This is a very creative and interesting advertisement. The first time someone views this ad they most likely have no idea what it is about until the end when the answer is revealed. The main character is so odd and unique that the viewer can’t help but keep watching to figure out why he is doing the things he does. What gives this ad so much holding power on viewers is that once they finally discover whom this character represents it sticks in his or her head. I believe this ad is promoting awareness to the viewer because Epuron wants the viewer to know that they are a company who works with wind energy. They don’t tell people to buy anything or send money but rather just be aware that there are alternative energy sources and Epuron is a company that is involved in it.




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19 05 2009
Amanda Scott

I think this is one of the most creative advertisements on the entire blog. I love the idea of the wind having his own personality, and the fact that they have used humor as a way to soften people to the idea of alternative energy. This company does a great job promoting awareness of companies investing in wind energy. All in all, this is a great commercial!

18 05 2009
Luke Kasch

Of all of the advertisements posted on the class blog, this is my favorite. The thing I found most attractive about this ad is just how much of a jerk this strange guy was being to random people. I wanted to see what else he would do to poor strangers in his path. The whole time I was watching this commercial, I was trying to think of what this could possibly be advertising. Once it was revealed that he was the embodiment of wind, I thought back quickly to everything that he had done and the commercial made much more sense. In this way, the ad makes you think about the ad even after you watch it. The sheer wit of this ad impressed me and that helped me to remember this commercial. The ad is very strong in making a viewer think about wind-power as an alternate energy source. However, I don’t know if people would immediately remember the company name Epuron. On the other hand, I think this commercial was aimed more at making people more aware of investment in alternative energy sources rather than pressing their company on its viewers.

4 05 2009
Audrey Vejraska

This ad is very interesting and unusual to me. Without first reading the ad description, I would have had no idea what this ad was about. It was humorous and the character used to represent wind was very odd and intriguing at the same time. By using this person to represent wind energy it gives a face to the Epuron brand and gives a visualization of how they are interacting and using the benefits of wind energy.

28 04 2009
Sierra Warren

This ad caught my eye right away. Even though it was 2 minutes long, it held my attention the whole time because I was waiting to see what would happen to the man. It tells a story, and the music behind the story adds a somewhat melancholy mood to the ad. By having a man portray the wind, it gives the message a human and more emotional, relatable quality. In a sense you start to feel sorry for the man, but then there is a resolution. I think it is really effective at delivering its message because the wind is something that people take for granted and are often annoyed by. It’s also not only a message for Epuron, but an overall message about using our natural resources in more efficient ways to better society as a whole. It definitely makes me want to find out more about the company and how to invest or use wind energy.

27 04 2009
Bonnie Shelton

I think this ad is very compelling and interesting. I had not heard of Epuron before seeing this ad, but I know that the name and concept of the commercial will stick with me because of their unique approach to generating awareness about their company. Epuron definitely used a unique strategy to set themselves apart. By making the wind a person, it causes us to think about its affects in a new way. This is a very original concept that sparks not only awareness, but piqued my interest to the point that I had to check out their website.

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