First of Bizarre Canadian Commercial Series

27 04 2009

From Nick Cody.

Explanation: When (a website dedicated to promoting worker safety and awareness in Canada) wanted to get their website and their message across, they decided to make a huge impact on viewers. They used their ads as both promotional tools for their website and as public service announcements. This commercial, the first released of a 5 commercial series, is eerie and twisted. It catches the viewer off-guard by drawing interest into the character’s personal life, and then introducing a catalyst event that happens much too quickly to predict. I believe the commercial is very effective because it uses an intense shock factor that you really don’t expect to see on TV. I picked this article because of this over-the-top shock factor it possesses, and the almost humorous twist of events that each of the commercials has that you really don’t see coming. To see the other commercials, visit this link:

But be warned, the commercials could be interpreted as rather graphic or disturbing.




One response

27 04 2009
Corey Haugen

thats kinda messed up. Come on Canada

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