Fed Ex

27 04 2009

From Diane Grew

I thought this was a very funny ad, FedEx used a more leisurely humorous
approach then I would have expected . I thought it was unusual because
normally you would assume that a delivery company would advertise themselves
as hardworking and prompt. Most people chose and trust delivery companies
based off of their reliability. In this ad they associate the employees of
the company with slacking off and not doing their job how they are supposed
to. However the ad was effective to me because they made it funny and they
stepped outside the box. The ad is most likely created to target older men
that are able to take more time off work and enjoy playing golf. The ad
does a good job with broadening their target audience by making it funny. As
a female college student with absolutely not interest in golf this ad still
managed to catch my attention and make me laugh along the way, it created an
image I will remember regardless of the fact that it had to do with golf.
Sure I will probably never watch the FedEx cup or follow it in anyway but
the ad still increased my awareness with the company and made me laugh.
Lastly I liked how they ended the clip with “we understand” in order to
connect with their customers on a relatable basis. They show that they
understand that most all of the working population would avoid work if they
could and would rather be doing a recreational activity. Also showing that
it is possible to tie work in with leisure.




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