Even more Nike

23 04 2009

From Adam Ungson


We have somewhat addressed this in class but I have been curious about this: when it comes to advertising/communications or any other profession, how much does one’s personality factor into nailing the job, getting a promotion, etc. Sure, everyone can be a professional, but some people are more marketable and liked than others.

I like this Nike commercial, besides the fact that Oregon, especially Eugene is Nike-happy, it shows how someone’s personality can be the core of the campaign or advertisement (much like Will Ferrell, etc.) . People usually see Lebron playing basketball, so after seeing this commercial the audience, usually targeted at youth boys and men, see another side of one of the world’s most recognized athletes. People are able to relate to him better and support him after realizing that this Nike representative is more than just dedicated to basketball, but also to the business professional side of life. The commercial seems more like a playful short skit than a promotion, increasing Lebron and Nike’s PR status. Lebron is so versatile, he has hosted the ESPYS and Saturday Night Live.




2 responses

27 04 2009
Theo Hunter

I absolutely loved this commercial. The various characters of Lebron give us a look at his different personalities. The “work out” Lebron, the “Playful Child”, the “cool savvy” Lebron and the “Mature” Lebron. I thought that the background music, Summer Madness by Kool and the Gang was a perfect fit for the picture and mood of the ad. I thought it was very smart how Nike’s brand image was visualized only twice in the commercial, once when the water splashed on the shoes and once at the end in the pool. I like how the commercial was based more around Lebron’s personal image rather then Nike. Overall I enjoyed this ad, it was entertaining, humorous, and made me smile.

25 04 2009
Willow Hill

I think that the new Nike commercials featuring Lebron are genius. Their ambiguity contributes to both curiosity and humor. They are obviously targeted at young guys but overall I think the tactic works well. I am not the hugest fan of Lebron or the commercials themselves but they hit their target audience and get their message across. Good choice for a video!

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