23 04 2009

From Kana Yajima

When I watched this commercial in Women and Minority class, I was so impressed because I had never seen any advertisement that old naked women appear. Even though Dove is trying to make money, the company’s campaign is also trying to change the standard of beauty. In current society, the standard of beauty tends to be young and skinny. And also, I think the beauty standard is westernized all over the world. I like the CM because it uses women who have various culture back grounds. The CM can give us a new idea about “what beauty is.”




One response

26 04 2009
Taylor Lilley

I have never seen this commercial before, but as i was watching it reminded me of their ad, “Dove Evolution of Beauty”, which reveals how extreme computer generated touch ups really are. Taking a somewhat attractive normal woman and turning her into a gorgeous face to look at. That face is what America sees and women will compare themselves too. When in reality that woman looks drastically different and really like all the rest of us. These two ad’s have a consistent message and its all about the natural beauty of all women and sending the message that Dove stands for staying true to who you are..on the outside as well as the inside.

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