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23 04 2009

From Adam Ungson

I really like this public service announcement and choice it specifically for the class, because the intended audience is students. The announcement relies on only statistic and lets the visual appeal do the talking. Many people can relate to this, as most college students have participated in sports and/or teamwork at some point and know the importance of an education obtaining that golden degree. What I find interesting is that the media always concentrates on the top percent of student-athletes in the NCAA, more so than scholar athletes. While this is just a generalization, the ncaastudent.org has recognized this and wants the public to be aware that before you know it, you “jump” out of your sport and into a job.

The announcement effective because it suggests that a student-ahtlete can de extremely dedicate to their sport for four years and in an instant, be tossed into the real world (transformations), where being a professional off the court is most important. The imagery, concept, and production of these announcement by the NCAA are all creative and attractive. I am really drawn to the artistic value of this piece, and how well this announcement NCAA reached its targeted audience.




One response

3 05 2009
Chelsey Reid

I thought that this commercial was effective because it showed how student athletes can excel at more than just sports. I think it makes student athletes look really good and makes people possibly look at them in a different light than before. Its important to show how being a part of a team or being active can lead to a good future. This hopefully will inspire other people to become active and to get involved. I also really liked how they had the athletes transform into the jobs they did to make it visually appealing.

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