23 04 2009

From Chelsea Yocum

Where to start? Hyundai, a Korean automaker (among many other things), has always had their hurdles to overcome, but it is the pronouncement of their name that as of Super Bowl 2009 that has started to stir interest. Not always the leader in design and sales, Hyundai has had to strive to compete in the larger market as well as improving their cars to meet consumer standards. I find this ad interesting because they show various automakers becoming fearful of Hyundai because they recently won the North American Car of the Year Award for the Hyundai Genesis at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. With this commercial Hyundai is saying “Hey, we’re here AND we’re making GREAT automobiles!” and “Look out competition we’re right there with you.” I love this commercial, not because I once owned a Hyundai and had a fantastic experience, but because I believe this problem is curious (not many other companies have problems like their name being mispronounced in one of their biggest markets since the beginning of time) and they ARE the underdog… at least for now. So say it with me, not High-Un-Die, it’s Hyundai like Sunday. Don’t you feel so much better knowing you’re actually pronouncing it right? Thanks Hyundai!




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