This is an awesome commercial (in Prof. Sheehan’s opinion)

22 04 2009

From Megan Zanetos

I like this ad a lot, one because I love animals. Two, I think this ad is really funny. Its all about people who basically have wild animals as their pets. They treat them as if they were dogs- one woman tries to take her rhino out on a leash and these guys try to throw a frisbee to a cow. Not only do they treat these animals like dogs, but the animals cause chaos. The rhino ruined a woman’s home and the ostrich made the old lady hysterical by running away. Basically the commercial comes off like these people wish they had dogs and also the fact that their ostriches and cows aren’t working out so well. So I thought the line was perfect and funny at the end where they said, “Maybe you should get a dog.” The commercial also is great for the point Pedigree is trying to make. The ad was for Pedigree’s adoption drive and they say, “Help us help dogs.” It’s like Pedigree was saying in a humorous way, please get a dog because not only will it help us it will help you (that way these people won’t have rhinos as pets anymore).




2 responses

26 04 2009
Hannah Moore

I LOVE this! Not only do the animals catch the attention of any age, but to any type of person. For example, people who love animals of all kinds (Me– automatically love the commercial), people who already have a dog (are amused by this commercial of mocking otherwise), people who don’t like animals (the animals are ruining the house or not able to fetch would just be funny to these people), and everyone else who might wonder what kind of hilarious adventures the filming crew went through to get this commercial just right.

The fact that it is not selling pedigree supplies or food makes me like the ad even more. It is selling the adoption drive, meaning this brands goal in this particular commercial is not to just flat out to make more money. YEAH PEDIGREE!

26 04 2009
Ashley Kirsininkas

I enjoyed this commercial because it was different from what I typically see. This was the first adoption commercial I have seen and I loved the way they created it. They made you feel like you need a dog because other animals just will not work. My favorite part was the frisbee thrown at the cow. I found it interesting how they used wild animals. Although it is funny, it is hard to relate thiis to many people. This may cause a problem because people may see this ad and think because they do not have a rhino or cow, they should not get a dog. I love this commercial, I just wish it could have applied to more people.

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