22 04 2009

From Melissa Shanahan


I chose this commercial because I’ve always really liked Corona’s commercials. They are very unique and imaginative, which makes them fun to watch. I always stop to watch new Corona commercials when I see them on TV, even though I usually skim over most other commercials. I think it’s a good sign that Corona’s commercials catch their target audience’s attention to the point that they actually look forward to seeing what Corona will do next. I just saw this particular commercial for the first time today, and I found it to be even more funny than usual because it’s something that I can definitely relate to. I think just about every young person that is trying to relax on the beach has had to deal with the dorky tourist couple that comes along and sits right in front of them with their lawn chairs and umbrellas. This commercial reinforces the negativity of the tourist stereotype, insisting that in order to be young and trendy the only real gear you need for a day at the beach is a bucket of Corona.




One response

27 04 2009
Holly Bates

I like Corona commercials too. I think they use Resonance as 1 of their creative strategies, as relaxing on a beach evokes a positive stored image while most other beer commercials involve a bunch of guys doing something funny. Corona is always simple, quiet, and involves tranquility on a beach somewhere. This places Corona in a different category than other beers and places the product in consumer’s minds. I also like that they don’t exclude women like a lot of other beer commercials do, that way they can reach out to men and women.

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