More mac v. pc

21 04 2009

From Jessica Alger

I chose this ad because ever since Mac started using these commercials to promote Macs I have loved every single one of them. I used to be a PC user but when I graduated high school and had the option to get a new lap top and I bought a Mac, no questions asked. After using a PC for so long I became frustrated with it freezing and getting viruses all the time so this commercial touches on those common complaints that PC users have. This campaign by Apple really hits all the issues that PCs have and the commercials do a great job highlighting the benefits to owning a Mac instead. I like the use of the time travel machine, showing that no matter how much time passes the PC is still going to freeze and have the same issues it has had for a long time. I also enjoy the use of humor in these ads because it makes it young and enjoyable to watch, which fits the Apple image perfectly. PC has a lot more work to do to combat this brilliant campaign.




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