21 04 2009

From Taylor Smith

When i was growing up i loved basketball and followed all the best players, even the shoes they wore. At that time, Nike and Reebok were the leaders in “cool” shoes and Pro-Wings and Converse specialized in the “thrifty” sneakers that everyone made fun of. But after this commercial came out, Converse became acceptable, which came as great news to my mom who didn’t have to spend as much on the cheaper Converse. In this ad, Larry Johnson who was seen as one of the NBA’s bad boys dressed up like his Grandmother and dunked on people. It was hilarious, and rivaled Micheal Jordan’s commercials in popularity. I thought the commercial effectively used celebrity and humor to create buzz and change the image of the brand for the better, at least until the commercials got canceled and Larry Johnson switched back to wearing Nikes.




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