Bo knows

20 04 2009

From Ryan Janoff

One of my favorite commercials ever: the “Bo knows” Nike commercials from the early 90’s. Bo Jackson was a one of a kind athlete when he was in his prime and he was idolized throughout our society. This commercial uses wit and humor to capitalize on marketing one of Nike’s premier athlete’s at the time. Using familiar sports faces from nearly all sports Nike effectively market’s Bo Jackson’s athletic skill through a humorous way that would seem to resonate with any young sports fan and draw attention to the Nike brand name; because who wouldn’t want to be like Bo?




One response

20 04 2009
Adam Garside

i agree with your post and that using professional athletes to promote your product is the way to go. The athletes will stick in the heads of the audience and like you said, who doesnt like a pro athlete. Nike especially knows how to market a pro and thier advertising is ahead of the game, always have been too.

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