The Battle Continues.

17 04 2009

From Dylan Sylwester

The other day, our 340 class engaged in a discussion about the back-and-forth ad war between Microsoft and Apple. Below, Apple began their commercials by pegging PC users as conservative, unattractive, sticks in the mud.

Microsoft then fired back by accusing Apple of manufacturing sexy-looking yet overpriced pieces of hardware unsuitable for consumers on a budget.

Well, the debate has ended here. A YouTube user has continued the ongoing PC/Mac debate by spoofing Microsoft’s “Laptop Hunter” commercials and giving Frank, a homeless man, 1000 dollars to buy a computer. Check it out.




3 responses

20 04 2009
Nelofer Haider

What I am really interested in is how these commercial affected sales? From the discussion in class it’s obvious that people are very brand loyal to either a Mac or PC. I was surprised to see everyone in class talking to admittedly about their brand of computer. I am just wondering if these commercial actually changed anyone’s mind about what kind of computer they wanted to purchase, or if it was just bad for the brand names.

19 04 2009
Stephen Hoshaw

I really liked how the Apple commercial used humor in its advertisement. This will certainly help people remember the name and how attractive you can make some of your projects using a mac. I also thought that the Windows commercial did a fair job, it highlighted the cost issue with macs and showed how one could buy a notebook at a budget price. I have to say that I thought the Apple ad was better in that it used some clever humor. PC ads should start to make their work more creative instead of using the informational approach to advertising.
(im a pc user btw)

19 04 2009
Ryan Janoff

I thought the spoof on the PC commercials was hilarious. I completely identified with the message from the spoof because in my mind the response commercials Microsoft delivers back at Mac users is highly inaffective. Not only do they draw attention to the Mac Books in every commercial by claiming them as sexy and cool, the commercials do a very poor job of displaying the strength of PC vs Mac.

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