E Trade

17 04 2009

From Carson York

This is the video on youtube

This is an online ad for e-trade that has not aired on TV. The e-trade baby has become more then just a character, it is a symbol for etrade. Etrade.com has now made videos like this just for online viewing, a portion of their website is devoted just to the character. As we talked about in class on 4/16, the etrade baby ads rewards the viewers and customers, it makes them laugh and feel good towards the brand.




One response

20 04 2009
Sarah Hewett

I thought this commercial was hilarious when I first saw it. I think that E-trade did a great job on marketing the baby as a character on the website. Even though I don’t plan on using its services, I did go to the website to see the different commercials. If anything, this marketing technique will bring traffic to the website and people will hopefully look around to learn about the company. The downside, however, is that based on the commercials people wouldn’t necessarily know what E-trade does, and the un-aired versions are available on YouTube so people don’t HAVE to go to the site. This could lead to people enjoying the commercials, but not E-trade as a company.

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