16 04 2009

From Amanda Scott

Although this is an old commercial and they Starburst has produced even more bizarre ads lately, I absoutely love this ad. I think its hilarious and truly one of a kind. It was a big hit with youtubers as there are countless recreations of the ad and the “berries and creme” character. Honestly, I am usually not a fan of commercials, unless they are humorous I really have no interest in watching, but this is one of the few ads I have watched over and over and really enjoyed.




One response

20 04 2009
Rachel Gillette

Although in class we discussed the effectiveness of using bizarre characters to establish a connection, I find this commercial to lack that establishing link. The Quaker man may elicit a couple laughs for the random-factor, but he doesn’t add anything to starburst brand itself or brand claims. This is the kind of commercial that causes me to change the channel until my show is back on. The one thing that this ad drives home with the viewer is the new starburst flavor, “Berries and Cream.” Unfortunately, this feat was accomplished with an annoying jingle.

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