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16 04 2009

From Dustin Tanquary

I choose this ad because I found it to be very catchy and I thought it did a great job of capturing its target audience.  The ad is targeting the young athletic audience and does so by promoting arguably the most recognizable athlete today in LeBron James, and mixing in everyday citizens.  The focus of the ad is on LeBron’s famous chalk toss he does before games that has been made famous.  The ad then shows everyday people doing various things that involve chalk or something similar and I feel it brings a tie between a megastar athlete and the everyday person.  The chalk is flying everywhere and everybody who seems to be using it is doing something good; this may bring the Nike brand to somebody’s mind every time they view chalk or at least LeBron’s chalk toss.  They do this in a very intriguing way my making the commercial colorless giving a sleek vibe to it with a very catchy song, and by throwing a shot of extremely popular music artist Lil’ Wayne to give it a very hip feel.  The ad is very captivating and makes you feel like you can be the best in whatever you may be doing and act like LeBron with only some chalk and by wearing his product.  At the end of the ad the Nike slogan “just do it” appears followed by the Nike Swish, originally I thought they were advertising LeBron’s new signature shoe; but I think they already implemented LeBron enough in the commercial and killed two bird with one stone by advertising the brand as a whole with this well done commercial.




One response

19 04 2009
Carson York

This as is a perfect example of how ingrained Nike is in the american culture of sport, it is simply not comparable to anything else. There are no spoken word other then music and no written words except for “Just Do It” and the swoosh logo. Nike has no progressed beyond only having to put the swoosh on an ad to make it a nike ad, just having Lebron James makes it a nike ad. The consumer assumes these days that if the athlete is not Nike, then they are not the best. Nike even shows in the ad how ingrained sports and NIke is in all aspects of American culture, with regular people doing the lebron chalk thing at their jobs. Nike has branded itself in a way that no other brand ever has.

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