If he can do it, so can you!!

16 04 2009

From Chelsey Reid

I rarely come across a commercial on TV that makes me want to watch it a second time. However, I think Geico hit it big with the caveman commercials. The caveman is lovable, funny and believable to all ages. The main point that Geico is trying to make is that their service is so user friendly, that even a caveman can figure out how to use it. In this day and age, technology is constantly upgrading and changing. By showing a prehistoric symbol like a caveman operating modern technology, people who might not have any prior knowledge of Geico can see how easy it is to use. Taking a break from the Geico gecko and coming up with a new marketing strategy like the caveman, was also a good way to create a buzz around their product and keep us talking about them.




3 responses

17 04 2009
Melissa Shanahan

When this commercial first came out I thought it was really funny, but I think that Geico has definitely overexposed the caveman. After the first few commercials, the ads started getting more and more detached from the original theme. I didn’t understand why in this ad the caveman acts proud to see his picture on a bulletin board, but in future commercials the caveman gets outraged every time he sees Geico’s caveman ads. I understand that he is upset that the ads are insinuating that he’s stupid, but I don’t think the commercials ever gave us the reason behind his sudden change of heart, and Geico’s caveman ads keeps getting less and less entertaining.

16 04 2009

The Geico caveman needs to be retired. After ABC launched the caveman inspired sit-com, “Cavemen,” the last straw finally broke. The series ran a couple weeks and died, and many like myself hoped the Geico commercials would die with it. But alas they continue as advertising zombies, sucking the last drops of originality from a campaign that lost any innovative identity years ago.

16 04 2009
Nicole Holman

I really like this ad. I do not find many commercials funny and I loved this one. My husband also loves the caveman commercials. Any time he sees a new one he stops in his tracks to watch it ,and if I missed it he has to tell me what happened. I agree with what you said about technology constantly changing, this ad really does make Geico seem more user friendly.

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