Good idea? Or not?

16 04 2009

From Yuki Nakamura <;

I like to see photos on People website several times a week. I enjoy celebrity’s photos and fashion, however there is an annoying thing, ADVERTISEMENT!! When I watch the website, some ads suddenly appear on a screen and interrupt my way. At first I thought this method is good way of advertisement, because users have to see ads whether they like it or not. Then I do not like it afterward. Do you think it is a good ad for users? Do not care about it? In my country Japan, we do not have a such kind of advertisement on the Internet. Ads never disturb our amusement! Honestly… I have clicked annoying ads few times … because it fascinated me. I fell into ads trap lol
Probably it is a good expression of ads for advertisement agencies and clients, however most of users do not like it.




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