And More Nike

16 04 2009

From Jeff Pollack
So I chose this ad because it appeals to the more ordinary person by making this everyday citizen in the commercial suddenly athletic because of the shoes. I thought it was entertaining because the commercial immediately gets your attention and evokes emotion in the viewer because as a viewer, I was hoping for the guy to catch the cart. I like that Nike is appealing to a different consumer than an athlete because there are many people who this advertisement appeals to. Anyway, here’s the link.




One response

18 04 2009
Iris Horn

I really like this ad since it brings together sticky concepts that are useful in advertising.
First the ad catches your intention by taking place in a foreign country and playing some strange but fun music. It then tells a story which reminds of some James Bond movie, chasing through the city. The unexpected turns of this ad are awesome. Usually we assume the “hot-dog guy” is not a runner and we wouldn’t think to run that far for some mustard. This guy shows some true dedication to his hot dog eating habits.
Overall I think this ad is very effective due to its humor and uniqueness.

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