16 04 2009

From Scott Rousseau

If this won’t make you laugh, I don’t know what will. Heineken has always used ambiguity and humor throughout their advertising and for the most part it has played a large part in their branding. This ad in particular has become one of my favorites not only for its humor, but also for its creativity and use of such a simple concept; Women love shoes, men love beer (for the most part). Heineken uses this concept to create an Ad that I believe targets males, but also incorporates females into the branding. By including women getting excited about a closet of shoes, Heineken attracts and gains the attention of the female audience which makes them want to continue watching the advertisement. Ultimately however, their message is that men go crazy about Heineken, similar to how women go crazy about shoes. The humor comes when the men take on what seems to be “female” traits about excitement. This I think creates humor for both male and female viewers, which is sometimes hard to do. Props to Heineken.

From Taylor Smith:
The commercial starts with a newlywed wife showing off her new closet full of shoes to her friends. All of them are screaming in excitement which is soon interrupted by the noise of a group of men screaming in the next room. The scene quickly turns over to the men in the newlywed husband’s closet which is filled with Heineken. All of the men are jumping and screaming like the women where previously doing but extremely more dramatic. I thought it was a great commercial. It had my friends and I laughing for quite some time afterward. It was a great ad to me because it showed the importance of the beer. Having a closet filled with hundreds of chilled Heineken is every mans dream compared to a woman’s dream of having a closet filled with shoes. If you have yet to see this ad, I strongly recommend you see it.




3 responses

24 04 2009
Allison Kjar

I think this ad is hilarious. The first time I saw it, it caught me completely off guard. I find the ad to be clever and original. It makes fun of both men and women, yet makes both sexes laugh out loud when they see the commercial, which I think is a hard feat to achieve. Typically, commercials like this offend one sex and not the other, but I think the commercial does a great job of appealing to both genders.

22 04 2009
Lei Zhong

I love this ad so much. When the women are screaming for clothing, shoes, and bags, what let them stop? That’s men’s screaming for the Heineken. In this ad, men obviously are main targets, but as for women, I also feel like becoming a target. I like this advertisement because instead of introducing a beer in a stereotype way, it uses humor to give consumers an idea that everyone is crazy for Heineken.

19 04 2009
Diane Grewe

This is my absolute favorite commercial, I laugh every time i see it. I like how it makes light of male and female stereotypes. It is very relatable to both men and women. Even though having a closet full of beer is very unrealistic the concept of comparing it to a woman’s closet makes it funny and easy to laugh at. I agree that it targets both men and women, men can relate to it because many of them have wives that share the same obsession with shoes/clothes that they roll their eyes at. It targets women because it catches their attention with the amazing closet and then relates it to something men could love equally as much.

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