16 04 2009

From Emily Schmerber


I chose this ad because it clearly is targeting the “X-generation.” It is a good example of targeting a particular generation. The older generation is likely to know little about “friend requests” in which the ad refers to. This is a play on Facebook and the culture of online networking. The ad is for Dentyne Ice gum, it is implying that people will be more likely to accept you as a friend if you have good breath. Unless you look closely at the ad you would not know what the product was, making it a transformational ad. I thought this angle worked because you are not required to have good breath if you are typing to someone online, but bad breath is a much more




2 responses

18 04 2009
Jenny Jensen

I like this ad too. When I was looking at the ad on the blog I couldn’t even see the brand name or what type of product was being advertised though. I don’t think the ad was implying that a person doesn’t have to have good breath when typing to somebody. I think this as shows an exchange of happiness because they exchanged gum with each other. But at the same time the interaction of gum exchanging made them become friends with each other. Friend request accepted. They took something from Facebook and made it a real life situation.

18 04 2009
Scott Fogel

It’s ads like these that make me cringe. It’s so apparent that it was designed/thought of by someone 35+ years old, it’s sort of pathetic. These companies have all been told about ‘new media’, and how the youngsters are doing all these ‘zany social media’ things and they need to somehow integrate themselves into it.

Rarely does it come out as authentic or clever, and this is another sad example of a company trying to connect with its younger audience by merely trying to slap some ‘internet lingo’ into their ads, hoping that kids will inexplicably see the ad, and remark “hey! that’s what it says when I add a friend on facebook. Dentyne really understands me and my 21st century social media centered view on life!”


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