15 04 2009

From Sarah Lowe

I remember this ad when it first aired in 2000. Looking at the ad now it seems really annoying but when it first came out everyone loved it. This commercial implies that drinking Bud makes you part of a community that says “wazzup!” This commercial has been parodied in the Simpsons, The Office, Scary Movie etc. It was a successful campaign in that everyone knew the commercial and “wazzup” became part of our lingo.




2 responses

19 04 2009
Diane Grewe

I laugh every time i see this ad. I remember back when it first came out it had a huge impact on all of my peers. “Wuzzup” became part of many people’s everyday slang and was a humorous fun ad to mimic. I agree that the commercial associates bud light with laid back relaxing times with friends. I think the ad does a good job catching the viewers attention because it is loud and annoying yet it has a fun humorous side that people like and remember.

16 04 2009
alexandria Chase

I remember these commercials also as well, if found it very interesting the market that they’re catering to in this particular ad. All the men in the ad have some African American decent in them and by this somewhat racially profiling African Americans as acting like this towards each other. This is a stereo-type i don’t necessarily agree with but their actions do make for a good laugh during a game.

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