“The American Dream”

15 04 2009

From Taryn Hull:

Budweiser is the typical American beer, a beer historically aimed for middle aged to older men. Budweiser has always had the more memorable advertisements in comparison to the other beers, as they have always participated in Super Bowl commercials. They take the approach of story telling instead of selling sex with a hot girl in a tube top downing the company’s brew. In previous years, older commercials featured the “Bud-Wise-Er” Frogs which overtime developed into this trio of frogs telling stories about how they got their beer at the local swamp bar. These ads targeted the same old consumer: middle-aged to older men because they “got a kick” out of these slimy swamp animals drinking their favorite frosty American brew. When Budweiser made the shift to the Clydesdale commercials, it was one of the best strategies to expand their target audience. The concept was the same: personified animals that tell stories, but the horses (and in this example baby horses) are remembered by men, women, and children alike. Everyone can relate to the reminiscence of this commercial, the animals, and the story. It has nothing to do with beer…which is what makes these commercials work. They connect the cute horses with the product, not some risque girl or drunken guy at a bar chugging a beer.




One response

15 04 2009
Sarah Lowe

I think this commerical is effective because it uses adorable animals. Beer or consumption of the beer is not shown in this commerical, the sole focus is on the narrative. I think it is heartwarming story of the little pony that could. I think the use of animals also appeals to more than just men but to women and even children.

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