Plastic Surgery…Nike Style

15 04 2009

From Taryn Hull

This is somewhat of a long advertisement…but don’t let it stop you from watching it because it is amazing start to finish! Well, amazing might not be quite the right word…and there could have been editing done in the middle, but the message consistently builds throughout the advertisment. Women go in for plastic surgery only to leave the hospital dripping off the plastic surgery dashes from dancing up and down the hallway. Nike tells a story, but it is a story nearly all women can relate to. It is empowering by mixing a social message with a commercial message; when I was watching this ad I was thinking of it as a cheesy Truth commercial, but it is a company promotes self esteem and female empowerment through the use of a product. It doesn’t seem like a commercial for shoes or sports equipment, and that’s what makes it a brilliant, alluring ad.




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19 04 2009
Lauren Easby

This is a very powerful add and I like when companies try to promote positive social issues instead of just flashing their brand. However, even though they are promoting healthy living and physical activity they still use the typical fit dancers which gives the viewer the idea that if they buy the product they will be able to look like the girls in the ad. I think this ad would have been more effective if they used girls of many different body types and pushed the idea of being active and healthy and not worrying about the ideal size instead of turning to plastic surgery.

19 04 2009

This commercial bothers me and at the same time is a bit confusing. This ad bothers me in the way that the women going in for plastic surgery are women who DO NOT need plastic surgery at all! I feel this would have been a more effective ad if Nike actually pictured women who do need some plastic surgery such as overweight women. Instead of going through with the procedure however, the overweight women would continue like the rest of the ad and get in their dance outfits and start to dance away the flab. This would show America that people, especially obese people, can lose the weight on their own if they just put some effort and work into it. I feel that this image would also motivate people to get up off the couch like our current generation stereotype has and start becoming more active and involved.. just get up off the couch and do it, like Nike always says! Along with this ad image, it would incorporate our current generation, which is America is becoming obese and your typical women is not a size 2 anymore like Nike portrays. Right now, an average women is more of a size 6 and with Nike incorporating that into their ad would broaden their audience and hopefully increase how important it is to be physically fit and that anyone can do it!
-Erica Granger-

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