Intentional? Not?

15 04 2009

From Chaz Faulhaber
Click to see the ad!

I chose this ad primarily because I can’t figure out if it is intentionally done this way, (as in the billboards were selected to contrast one another), or if this is an ad war between two agencies. Perhaps this marketing strategy is used elsewhere in the world, however I don’t feel that Audi would continue running the same billboard ad if BMW can continually top them with the word, “Checkmate”. Regardless, someone had to have seen the Audi ad, and then made a counter ad immediately afterward. What this would suggest would be a direct example of positioning one’s product against the competitor, however each ad can stand alone, therefore making this ad both one of Positioning strategy and Generic strategy. In my opinion, the Audi people should never have put their ad out with that wording.




2 responses

3 05 2009
Amanda Scott

I really liked the juxtaposition of the two companies in this ad. I do feel that the ads were done purposefully and think that BMW’s response to Audi was extremely clever and hilarious. I also felt that Audi made a mistake by highlighting BMW in their ad because it takes some of the focus off of themselves and gave BMW some free advertising. The two ads are both well done, but I feel that BMW has an advantage in this battle.

19 04 2009
Nick Johnson

This is a really interesting example of two brands competing via advertising. I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but either way I think that BMW is the clear winner. If Audi was the first to act and then BMW responded with “checkmate,” touche BMW. In either case I think that Audi needs to be paying attention to the fact that the Ads position BMW as the smarter more clever brand and Audi should remove their Ad.

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