Deadliest Ad?

15 04 2009

From Sydney Ryden

John West is a brand of salmon owned by the Lehman Brothers Banking Group. This advertisement of a fisherman fighting a bear for a fish was mostly run in the UK. As most Discover Channel fans know from the show “Deadliest Catch” open sea fishing is a particularly dangerous job and no easy task. At first the commercial made no sense, what was a man fighting a bear that is obviously skilled in Karate fighting for a fish. Then at the end it all came together thanks to the John West slogan “We endure the worst so you can enjoy the best.” I chose this commercial because it was humorous and entertaining, the best way to make your brand or message stick. This silly commercial also won several awards in 2006.




One response

26 04 2009
Stephen Murray

This commercial is hilarious, and did a good job of being memorable, putting the brand name into the audience’s minds. The brand was mentioned once just as the commercial started to become unusual, and again at the end of the commercial. Humor seems like the best way to create awareness when your client is not well known.

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