“23 vs. 39”

15 04 2009

From Tom Sabiel rom Tom Sabiel

I chose this Gatorade commercial because it is smart in its delivery and is able to advertise the product through brand recognition. The use of the three ages of Michael Jordan; in college at UNC, with the Bulls as a young NBA player and his comeback from retirement with the Wizards, presents his personality and skill set at the times of his career. Through playing one-on-one, viewers can see the athletic, ignorant version against the seasoned, knowledgeable player; a very clever tactic of connecting the new with the old viewers. Gatorade has done an excellent job of playing off their “is it in you” slogan, as viewers quickly recognize athletes sweating Gatorade and realize the product that is being advertised without the name needing to be shown. I feel that they are targeting male and female athletes. By using a household name in Michael Jordan however, they are able to market to anyone who knows of him or can respect being the best at his given profession.




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