Not Just a Piece of Meat

14 04 2009

From Bonnie Shelton
“Not Just A Piece of Meat”

According to Carl’s Jr., sex sells burgers too. In this commercial, Padma Lakshmi is practically making out with her Western Bacon Cheeseburger, and apparently, it’s ok to have a love affair with a greasy, extremely unhealthy sandwich. This ad was made by Mendelson Zien Advertising and directed by Chris Applebaum who also created the Paris Hilton Carl’s Jr. ad that featured Paris lathering up a Bentley while barely clothed. So why make fast food sexy? It seems that by showing a beautiful woman indulging in a hamburger, it says to viewers “hey, it’s ok to pig out.” There are many ads out there that sexualize food, and in this case, I would argue that Carl’s Jr. is trying to target both male and female viewers with this ad. Men who see this commercial will want the burger because Padma is hot, while women will see her going against societal norms by indulging in a high-calorie burger and feel like they can too. Does the sexy message this ad is sending make you want to try this burger?




One response

14 04 2009
Taryn Hull

This commerical goes above and beyond to sexualize not only food, but unhealthy fast food. This commerical targets men and women from younger teens to middle-aged to make them feel different ways. I believe that younger viewers who watch this commercial will think “Ok, fast food is sexy, I want to be sexy and that burger will get me to be that way” whereas, as Padma states her burger “makes her feel like she is back in high school.” Whoever watches this commerical will want to be a sexy 20-something in a skimpy dress licking sauce off her legs because that is what is hot….and the thing about Carl’s Junior is that it is “sexy, couture food” without the expensive price. Also, it is humorous that Padma, after traveling all over the world, still finds something about the bacon cheeseburger. This shows that the consumer doesn’t have to travel to some exotic land to get amazing food…their tastebuds will be more than satisfied after a trip to the neighborhood Carl’s Junior.

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