Where’s ‘annoying’ on the list of strategies?

13 04 2009

From Jenna Naef:

After seeing this ad for the first time my thoughts were, “Is this for real?” because of how thoughtless the commercial was. This ad is boldly annoying, encompasses NO creative thought, and is flat out boring. Although I would be a happier person if I had never seen this ad in my life, it is true that it did stir strong emotions within me (emotions of anger). My question is: was it the intention of Head On to be super annoying, and did they know that their commercial was utterly boring, but were just banking on the fact that this tactic will none-the-less familiarize viewers with their product? Head On really is a unique product in the fact that it is suggesting that headaches can now be cured with more than the traditional pill popping, but is this good advertising? And that brings up the question of whether commercials should be judged for actual quality or effectiveness of creating awareness and selling of products. Advertising seems to be a never-ending conversation.




3 responses

14 04 2009
Taryn Hull

I think nearly everyone can agree that this is by far one of the most annoying advertisments, it is also the most memorable. I look at this ad and just see pure laziness on the advertiser’s part: no target audience, they don’t tell about the product, no benefits, no clever background. Just the same repetition with an annoying voice. What is the point of advertising if it’s going to be a commercial the consumer will loathe? Yes, this is memorable but NOT in a good way. I would never buy this product simply because I wouldn’t want to give money to this company. These people wanted memorable…well it is, but not in a way that will make money. What consumer is going to say “Gee, that commercial made me want to bash my head in…let’s buy that product!” The advertisers need to get somewhat creative and at least describe the benefits of a product instead of taking up air space and wasting the viewer’s lives.

13 04 2009
Rachel Straub

This ad for Head On annoys me to no end. While it may be effective in the sense that I will probably never be able to forget this commercial, it is ineffective in the sense that I will never by this product because this ad is so annoying, and I will not help boost sales due to this ad. I feel like they have alienated many potential consumers due to this advertisement strategy, just like with the Kefer Kia Princess ads. In the advertising world today, people expect to be wowed by fantastic and creative commercials, and while this ad may be annoyingly unique, it is a put off to may people. My question is were they trying to annoy people so much as to give them a headache so that they would then buy the product?

13 04 2009
Ryan Dols

This commercial is far from unique or interesting in any way shape or form. Or is it? I agree that the fact this commercial stirs up a sense of anger and frustration within us should be noted. The lack of creativity and mundane feel throughout this short advertisement is not interesting but somehow it still sticks with us. The creators of this ad had to know there was nothing creative about it and probably even planned this. The ad gets to the point, informs and sends the message of what this product does. The lack of creativity in this ad reminds me of ads for Sham Wow and Snuggie, which have both been discussed in many of my day to day conversations and classes. The point is these lame, boring ads stick with us for this exact reason. They stand out because in an age where innovative advertising is so crucial, these dull ads are unique. – Ryan Dols

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