13 04 2009

From Corey Haugen:

I chose this Tide Stain Stick ad from a few Super Bowls ago because every time I see it I cant help to laugh at the random rambling of the stain. I found this ad to be very clever because they essentially made the stain come alive. I think they did an excellent job pairing the right personality with a stain, annoying and unavoidable. The guy applying for a job actually sounds like he has a good resume but you can’t focus on it because of the stain!




One response

26 04 2009
Stephen Murray

I think this commercial proves once again that the message delivered in a comically unexpected and bemusing fashion is a very strong one. As long as it doesn’t return to the screen with aggressive frequency, viewing this commercial a few times would likely burn the memory into your mind for at least a month.

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