Starburst’s Little Lad

13 04 2009

From Bonnie Shelton

This commercial was used by Starburst in 2007 to promote their new flavor set berries and cream. I chose this commercial because not only is the song used extremely catchy, the premise of a “little lad” singing and dancing about his love for berries and cream is completely unexpected and relates to the way Skittles used the piñata man in a commercial to promote their new chocolate candies. In addition to the Starburst commercial promoting the new and unexpected flavor of Starbursts, it is interesting to study because after its debut, the commercial became a YouTube sensation spawning hundreds of remixes and parodies. Because this ad is creative, unique and most definitely weird, it inspired viewers to interact with the advertising and gave Starburst further promotion and face time with potential customers without any extra effort.




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