Prof. Sheehan really likes these ads

13 04 2009

From Tyler Niesh:

I chose to do the ad for the new Kia Soul for a couple reasons. The first reason I chose this ad was I think that it does a good job incorporating humor as well as something we do not expect to see. Hamsters driving a bright red car, as well as other hamsters running on hamster wheels (trying to state that other vehicles are inferior). I also think that this ad is memorable, something that people will remember after they watch it, whether it is because of the humor, the music, or something else. The second reason I chose this ad is because I think that this ad is a good way to introduce a new vehicle; it is not like your usual car ad. You don’t spend the majority of the commercial hearing about what the car has or what it can do which I think is a good thing. First get the people interested in the car, then if they want to know more they can figure it out.




4 responses

23 04 2009

I also really like this commercial. It shows the hamsters(as humans) in their running wheels which represent how other cars are all the same boring vehicle. but if you drive the new soul you are now cool/hip and going somewhere in style.

19 04 2009
Shawna Haynes

First of all I really like this ad because I think it is cute! I really like how it takes the everyday routine of the hamster and then introduces this new thing that makes them stop and stare, because that is what they are trying to get us potential customers to do is stop and stare and get curious about the product. Second, I like the music! This is a new branch of Kiefer Kia and it is about time they ditched the princess that I am sure we all love so much. I really like how at the end they quickly list the features and attributes of the product just enough to make you feel like it is something you can afford and that is a deal for you!

15 04 2009
Cristina Dunning

Oooooh! I like this ad! Besides having cute hamsters, I actually do think it’s catchy and productive. The ad starts out in a middle/upper class neighborhood – setting the stage well for the type and price of this car. It includes real life attributes people can relate to: all drivers have bought gas, been stuck waiting for a train, and waited in busy traffic. Finally, the hamsters inside the car are listening to fun music and having a good time. Who can’t relate to most (and at least one) of these things?! Since people can relate, subconsciously they already build a connection with the car; and the info at the end furthers it: Bluetooth, 50+ accessories, and 31 mpg/hwy, starting under $14,000. What’s not to love?

14 04 2009
Stephanie Rund

I saw this ad and really wanted to use it. I wanted to post it more because it really bothered me, and I did not understand the advertisement until I watched it a third time.

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