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13 04 2009

From Jenna Naef:

In this Pepsi commercial the viewer is not presented with any information regarding the attributes, benefits, or ethics of the company and it’s products – the word “Pepsi” is not spoken out loud one time – and Pepsi’s top rival: Coca-Cola is represented in the commercial just as much as Pepsi is. While this may sound like the recipe for a horribly ineffective commercial, in reality it is arguably effective, and my all time favorite commercial. This Pepsi ad uses the technique of telling a story – a clever story that most will find cute and humorous. Although the brand is not being pushed at the viewer, they are still being exposed to it, and at the same time taking in something that they find entertaining and pleasant to watch – a technique just as useful in embedding Pepsi in the minds of the viewers. Next, I think it is interesting to look at the tactic of directly showing the competitor: Coke, in the commercial. A controversy is raised when one product’s ad identifies its closest competitor because it is arguable that this is as much an ad for the competitor as it is for the product doing the ad. Also, many look down on the fact that a brand has to bash another brand to create desire for its product. In this ad I think that the innocence of the young boy and his actions at the vending machine allow Pepsi to throw Coke under the bus (or should I say the boys feet…haha) without casting a negative light on Pepsi. Overall it was the pure cleverness of the ad that won me over. Although I am a huge fan of this ad I would be interested to see what others think regarding the use of Coke in the midst of a Pepsi ad. Should the tactic of putting down a competitor be avoided at all costs, or embraced (when done eloquently) in advertising?




2 responses

16 04 2009
Jessica Piche

I absolutely love this commercial! I think it is so creative and Pepsi definitely hits a soft spot in a lot of people by using a cute little kid, who isn’t even tall enough to reach the buttons. Not only do I think this ad is adorable, but it also subtly convinces people that Pepsi is the better choice without even using words. Bottom line: this commercial is just too cute!

14 04 2009
Chaz Faulhaber

Pepsi has a history of putting down Coca-Cola, however none of the ads I’ve seen, including this one are truly offensive to the point where they should be banned. In this ad (, Pepsi again uses the innocence of a child to showcase their appeal to younger generations. Perhaps by using children in their ads, who traditionally have been icons of learning and of neutral brand association, Pepsi feels it will have a stronger appeal to Cola drinkers.

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